T.E.R.A. Spring Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

​​Discuss budget for Team Awards.

Discuss whether we should offer Skype to a RM who won’t be able to attend the RM clinic and contingencies (i.e. they have to have managed a ride for 4 years, they must attend a clinic in person every other year…. this is an example of course.)

We need a new newsletter editor…maybe it would be easier for  someone to pick it up if done online and placed on the TERA website? 

Old Glory

Trail markings…TERA requests we use ribbons. Some of our rides use arrows…we should address this, and make an addendum to the TERA RM handbook if we decide that arrows, circles on trees.etc are ok. We need to let the members vote on this also. 

Officer election in the fall (President, VP, secretary and treasurer) Time to start thinking about who is interested in being re-elected. Additionally Jamie Lemon has announced her position will be open. We don't normally elect Directirs during the even years, but when there is a vacancy we nheed to fill it.

All interested T.E.R.A. members may attend Board Meetings as observers. Voting Board members are the only ones eligible for voting.

Agenda for the Members meeting:

Discussion of candidates for Election of T.E.R.A. Officers at the Fall Meeting.

Nomination for, and election of Officer positions occurs in the Fall.

Positions are:

President          (Currently held by Caryne Edwards)

Vice President          (Currently held by Jen Masters)

Secretary          (Currently held by John Nowell)

Treasurer          (Currently held by Russell Betts)

Discuss filling newsletter editor's position.

Discussion of re-start of Volunteer Award Patch Program.

​Discussion of items members might want to see on a T.E.R.A. online store.

There will also be a need to fill the Education Director's post due to early retirement.          (Currently held by Jamie Lemon)

Vote on officially allowing arrows/colored plates etc. at some ride venues instead of ribbons.

2018 T.E.R.A. Member's General Meeting and Board Meeting

Place: Racing Stripes Ride Priefert Ranch

Time: Board meeting Friday, Friday the 13th immediately after the pre-ride briefing/awards.
Members meeting Friday the 13th at 6:45pm

Watch this space for updates.