2018 TERA Year End Awards


Mileage Awards:


(1st place in each division = CREW BAG)

Endurance Featherweight

1-Kerry Lowrey                                   Takoda                                                415 miles

2-Katy Russell                                    HRZ Bask O Fire                     160 miles

3-Katherine King                                  Chant SF                                  155 miles


Endurance Lightweight

1-Breanne Smith                                   RA Cash the Check                  315 miles

2-Khristin Seymore-Norsworthy              HRZ Phyre Flicker                   210 miles

2-Caryne Edwards                                WHR Vesuvious                       210 miles

3-Khristin Seymore-Norworthy               HRZ Firenzic Wynds                205 miles

3-Carol Dufour                                      AH Keys Dixiegirl                    205 miles


Endurance Middleweight

1-Audrey Hager                                   Dancers Southern Princess        470 miles

2-Jim Matthess                                   Kozys Dreammaker                  205 miles

3-Ross Carrie                                       Tivio IXL                                 175 miles


Endurance Heavyweight

1-Jason Nelson                                    Misty Lu MHF             160 miles

2-Lisa Skalski                                      Tamar Quaszar             155 miles


Endurance Junior

1-Ellie Nelson                           Buckos Bay Olena                    210 miles





Limited Distance

(1st place in each division = CREW BAG)

LD Featherweight

1-Heloise Lynn                                     RLA Moniets Moon                 160 miles

2-Robin Howze                                    April’s Truest                           105 miles


LD Lightweight

1-Trina Church                                     Sunstone Sultan                        145 miles

2-Linda Albers                                     SAR Tiki Flighto Fancy            110 miles


LD Middleweight

1-Jesse Reilly                                       Miracle Black Thunder 135 miles

2-Russell Betts                                    Tilaan                                       110 miles

2-Beverly Gentry                                  KEB Desperados Fiera            110 miles

2-Kay Conway                                    Painted Perfection                     110 miles

2-Brittani Murray                                  My Auroras Echo                     110 miles


LD Heavyweight

1-John Dufour                                      Shotgun Dan                             160 miles

2-Gail Conway                                     Flashes                         135 miles

2-Al Prescott                                        MA Marauder                          135 miles

3-Al Prescott                                        Im Ur Huckleberry                   115 miles

3-Valerie Lewis Jaffe                            Scarlet Ribbons/Gold Rush       115 miles


LD Junior

1-Bethany Barwick                               Jets Stars Allusion                     55 miles

2-Olivia Phillips                                    Nadeem                                   50 miles


Overall High Mileage Rider                                                                   (PLAQUE)

            Audrey Hager                                      470 miles


Overall High Mileage Horse                                                                  (PLAQUE & COOLER)

            “Dancers Southern Princess”            470 miles        

Husband & Wife Award                                                                       (PLAQUE)     

            Joseph Reilly & Charlotte Reilly         435 miles

Family Award                                                                                       (PLAQUE)

            Jason & Ellie Nelson                           420 miles

Master Rider - *Senior Award                                                 (?????????????)

                LD – Al Prescott                                 250 miles

            Endurance – Darolyn Butler                260 miles


Most Best Conditions-LD                                                                     (CERTIFICATE)

            “PA Bravo Breezin Byou”                  2 Best Conditions


High Vet Score-LD                                                                              (CERTIFICATE)

            “Shoutgun Dan”                                 1,415 Points   




Most Best Conditions – Endurance                                                       (CERTIFICATE)

            “Tamar Quaszar”                               2 Best Conditions

            “Lily Creek Kong”                             2 Best Conditions


High Vet Score – Endurance                                                                 (CERTIFICATE)

            “Takoda”                                           1,235 Points



Nomination Awards:

Rookie Rider of the Year     

            John Dufour


Volunteer of the Year                                                                           (PLAQUE)

            David Fant


Ride Manager of the Year                                                                     (PLAQUE)

            Ann Goolsby


Horse & Rider of the Year                                                                    (PLAQUE & COOLER)

            “Dancers Southern Princess” & Audrey Hager


Hall of Fame Person                                                                             (PLAQUE)


Hall of Fame Equine                                                                             (PLAQUE)


April Mortl Sportsmanship Award                                                        (PLAQUE)


Alex Wallis Junior Award                                                                     (PLAQUE)




Veterinarian(s) of the Year                                            2017 Year Plaques to all Veterinarians:


Jim Baldwin
Valerie Bixler
Gail Conway
Matt Randall
Bob Rogers
Dennis Seymore
Shanna T?
Armadillo vets?