We are not making any promises about weather but forecasts are interesting.

We wish we could promise weather like last year - below 90 degrees, cloud cover, and light showers (except we did not know that was the start of a 10 month rain cycle).

2019 Unicorn Hunt Rider Input Requested

The Unicorn Endurance Ride is scheduled for Sunday, September 1.

Bo has been clearing trail all summer- an unbelievable amount of work after all the rain.

(He has cleared 500+ trail obstacles.)

following last year’s ride.  The rest of the Kennard crew has been reinforcing permanent markers as well as flagging for the ride.

Normally, by this time in August we have had a large number of inquiries and a reasonable number of entries even though the pre-entry deadline is over a week away.  We have decisions to make about the number of vets needed and whether or not we have enough T-shirts for completion as well as enough other awards.

We would really appreciate it if you would send a quick email if you are planning to attend.

Send it to sfant2008 at hotmail.com

The ride will be much better for everyone if we know how many to expect.

Thank you!

David, Sylvia and Amanda Fant

For those of you who have already sent in your paperwork - thanks!

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER:Please send the entry form filled out to the best of your ability, a copy of the negative Coggins for every horse you are bringing, a copy of current AERC & TERA membership cards
and a check or other form of payment. Checks can be held until after the ride if requested. Not only do pre-entries help you and us during registration, but they also let us know if we need to locate another vet to
help the ride flow smoothly. This is especially important with an out of camp check to plan.
Fees are listed on the entry form. ALL riders must present current AERC membership card or be charged a
$15.00 event membership fee.

The 100 Mile Ride Will Be Offered Only If We Have Sufficient Pre-Entries dated by August 17. The decision will be made on the basis of number of pre-entries. If you
miss the deadline and want to participate, e-mail or telephone to see if the ride has made.
If the pre-entry deadline (August 24 for all distances except the 100) date slips up on you, notify us by email by that day, and you will still receive the discount.

Email intent to pre-enter to

sfant2008 at hotmail.com

Refunds:100% if you are not allowed to start the ride or if you cancel before the ride.
“No contact & no shows” will have 20% deducted from their refund.

There is still time to send in paperwork before the deadline. It helps the secretary Mary Mosshammer and expedites check in during registration.