This is a list of T.E.R.A. Members with 2019 Membership Status

Memberships Will Be Posted When Available

If You Have Recently Joined Please Allow a Reasonable Time for New Data To Be Posted

Last Update 11/112018

Data From - 11/09/2018

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TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

​727 Yes Middleton Amy
169 Yes  Matthews Chris 
330 yes Thompson Donna
123A yes Brehob Paulette
123B yes Brehob (Matthess) James
49A yes Campbell Michael
49B yes Campbell Dianne
527 yes Sturgill John
220A yes Betts Debbie
220B yes Betts Russell
262 yes Edwards Caryne
709 yes Church Trina
702 yes Brumlow Dorothy
622 yes Millan-Barbera Monica
412 yes Hurley-Rosser Erin
725 yes Bradford Lisa
708 yes Van Den Berg Suzanne
503 yes Prusak Deanne
768 yes Griffith Ashley
741 yes Russell     Katy
36 yes Fields Mary 
227 yes Cann Tracy
736A yes Phillips  Amy
736B yes Phillips  Olivia

TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name