This is a list of T.E.R.A. Members with 2019 Membership Status

Memberships Will Be Posted When Available

If You Have Recently Joined Please Allow a Reasonable Time for New Data To Be Posted

Last Update 02/12/19

Data From - 02/13/19

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TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

169 Yes  Matthews Chris 
655 yes Barwick Anna
655A yes Barwick Bethany
399 yes Bateman Lee
220A yes Betts Debbie
220B yes Betts Russell
365 yes Bixler Valerie
725 yes Bradford Lisa
123A yes Brehob Paulette
123B yes Brehob (Matthess) James
702 yes Brumlow Dorothy
531A yes Burton Bruce
531B yes Burton Louise
75 Yes Butler Darolyn
75A Yes Butler Cecilia
49A yes Campbell Michael
49B yes Campbell Dianne
227 yes Cann Tracy
119 yes Carberry Doug
662 yes Casarez Tracee
142 Yes Chapman Monica
709 yes Church Trina
731 yes Cox Amy
758 yes Daniels Sharon
153 yes Darroh Richard
640 yes Deaton Terri
597A yes Dickson Deb
597B yes Dickson Bill
117A Yes Dufour Carol
117B Yes Dufour John
262 yes Edwards Caryne
36 yes Fields Mary 
696 yes Flint Kimberlee
171 yes Garcia Thibaldo
768 yes Griffith Ashley
596 yes Grosvenor Carol
770 yes Guthrie Regina
712 yes Hager Audrey
351 yes Hounsel Carter
306 yes Howell Eron
412 yes Hurley-Rosser Erin
771 yes Jobe Angela
75B Yes Justin Zenn  
506A yes Kelly Tracy
506B yes Kelly Stewart
506C yes Kelly Ragan
506D yes Kelly Jackson
621 yes King Katherine (Kacy) 
231 yes Kovalchuk Cindy
769 yes Lee  Anita
229 yes Lessig Tammy
733 yes Lotter Kirsten
555 Yes Lowrey Kerry
335A yes Mettes Cynthia
727 Yes Middleton Amy
622 yes Millan-Barbera Monica
631a Yes Nelson Jason
631b Yes Nelson Nancy
631c Yes Nelson Ellie
631d Yes Nelson Christopher
746 yes Newman Sarah
111a yes Noblin Jennifer
111b yes Noblin (Allen) Frank
213C yes Norsworthy Khristin
213D yes Norsworthy Ryan


TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

​​617 yes Nowell John
409 Yes Petty Michele
736A yes Phillips  Amy
736B yes Phillips  Olivia
503 yes Prusak Deanne
757 yes Quaranta-Leech Amber
230a yes Reeves Kim
425 Yes Reilly Joseph
511A Yes Reilly Charlotte
511B Yes Reilly Jesse Nolan
629 yes Robichaux Tommy
152A yes Roden Vickie
249A yes Rogers Vicky
249B yes Rogers Bob
407B Yes Rogers  Jeremy 
741 yes Russell     Katy
633 yes Russell (Sternadel) Elizabeth
317 yes Sazama Sylvia
609 yes Schrader Karen
213a yes Seymore Dennis
213B yes Seymore Mary Ellen 
147 yes Skalski Lisa
729a yes Smith Shawn
729b yes Smith Charlie
729c yes Smith Robbyn
689 yes Sturgill John
527 yes Swiss Elaine
330 yes Thompson Donna
708 yes Van Den Berg Suzanne
138 yes Young Becky
407A Yes Zabavska  Alisija 
772 Yes Childress Kristen
159A Yes Jaffe Val 
159B Yes Jaffe Peran
159C Yes Jaffe Zach
726 Yes Smith Breanne
375 Yes Prescott Al
590A yes Masters Jennifer
590B yes Masters Susan
165 yes Hezeau Todd
332 yes Fisher Kristen
24 yes Maul Mike
562A yes Culberson Jerry
562B yes Culberson Tracy
130a yes Goolsby Ann
130b yes Morroux Larry
33a yes Jaffe Sue
33b yes Jaffe Mike
252A yes Frank Alanna
252B yes Frank Gunnar
146 yes Broussard Russell
26A yes Hoffman Patsy
26B yes Hoffman Jim
546 yes Musick Twyla
234 yes Smith Dayna
640 yes Deaton Terri
109 yes Lewis Chris
270 yes Gentry Beverly
392 yes Howze Robin
248A yes Conway Gail
248B yes Conway Kay
219A yes Carrie Ross
219B yes Carrie Dawn
773 yes Martin Dianne
17 yes Murphy Donna
774 yes Bates Bonnie
361 yes Dabis Judit
775 yes Sheain Jr. Alanna
580 yes DeBoer Willemina
592   Bell Beth