This is a list of T.E.R.A. Members with 2020 Membership Status

Memberships Will Be Posted When Available

If You Have Recently Joined Please Allow a Reasonable Time for New Data To Be Posted

Last Update 01/01/20

Data From - 12/29/19

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TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

​​​552A yes Barlow Leslie M40217
552B yes Barlow Bob M43417
220A yes Betts Debbie M20186
220B yes Betts Russell M37717
365 yes Bixler Valerie M30180
123A yes Brehob Paulette 6313
123B yes Brehob (Matthess) James 6312
253 yes Brough Kelley M39217
146 yes Broussard Russell
75 yes Butler Darolyn 25
75A yes Butler Cecilia  
49A yes Campbell Michael M17146
49B yes Campbell Dianne NA
227 yes Cann Tracy M20033
227a yes Cann Tracy M20033
227b yes Cann John  
142 yes Chapman Monica 14695
772 yes Childress Kristen M45546
709 yes Church Trina M43660
248A yes Conway Gail 9485
731 yes Cox Amy M44640
758 yes Daniels Sharon NA
153 yes Darroh Richard M38147
640 yes Deaton Terri M42839
580 yes DeBoer Willemina M32381
262 yes Edwards Caryne M30698
36 yes Fields Mary  M17030
332 yes Fisher Kristen M32770
696 yes Flint Kimberlee M44693
521 yes Freeman Noel M40222
171 yes Garcia Thibaldo M38424
755 yes Hirsch Mary       NA
26A yes Hoffman Patsy M17333
26B yes Hoffman Jim  
351 yes Hounsel Carter M32759
306 yes Howell Eron M31954
392 yes Howze Robin M31788
33a yes Jaffe Sue 12135
33b yes Jaffe Mike  


TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

​​506A yes Kelly Tracy
506B yes Kelly Stewart
506C yes Kelly Ragan
506D yes Kelly Jackson
792 yes Kistner Carrie
362 yes Kitzmiller Ann 
231 yes Kovalchuk Cindy
769 yes Lee  Anita
229 yes Lessig Tammy
791 yes Lightsey Sonia
780 yes Lord Natalie
733 yes Lotter Kirsten
790 yes Lynn Heloise
773 yes Martin Dianne
590A yes Masters Jennifer
590B yes Masters Susan
169 yes Matthews Chris 
24 yes Maul Mike
245 yes McGuire Colleen
622 yes Millan-Barbera Monica
610a yes Moquin Haley
610b yes Moquin Kim
790a yes Morris Lisa Matl
790b yes Morris Lisa
790c yes Morris Mary-Alice
790d yes Morris Dan
790e yes Morris Kolbe
503 yes Prusak Deanne
757 yes Quaranta-Leech Amber
230a yes Reeves Kim
425 yes Reilly Joseph
511A yes Reilly Charlotte
511B yes Reilly Jesse Nolan
629 yes Robichaux Tommy
152A yes Roden Vickie
317 yes Sazama Sylvia
609 yes Schrader Karen
729a yes Smith Shawn
527 yes Sturgill John
527 yes Swiss Elaine
330 yes Thompson Donna
777 yes Toto Emmaleigh
708 yes Van Den Berg Suzanne
138 yes Young Becky
407A yes Zabavska  Alisija