This is a list of T.E.R.A. Members with 2020 Membership Status

Memberships Will Be Posted When Available

If You Have Recently Joined Please Allow a Reasonable Time for New Data To Be Posted

Last Update 11/27/19

Data From - 11/26/19

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TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name

​​​220A yes Betts Debbie
220B yes Betts Russell
152A yes Roden Vickie
610a yes Moquin Haley
610b yes Moquin Kim
231 yes Kovalchuk Cindy
503 yes Prusak Deanne
622 yes Millan-Barbera Monica
580 yes DeBoer Willemina
171 yes Garcia Thibaldo
773 yes Martin Dianne
49A yes Campbell Michael
49B yes Campbell Dianne
123A yes Brehob Paulette
123B yes Brehob (Matthess) James
33a yes Jaffe Sue
33b yes Jaffe Mike
26A yes Hoffman Patsy
26B yes Hoffman Jim
790 yes Lynn Heloise
138 yes Young Becky
729a yes Smith Shawn
227 yes Cann Tracy
790a yes Morris Lisa Matl
790b yes Morris Lisa
790c yes Morris Mary-Alice
790d yes Morris Dan
790e yes Morris Kolbe
317 yes Sazama Sylvia
227a yes Cann Tracy
227b yes Cann John
262 yes Edwards Caryne
306 yes Howell Eron
791 yes Lightsey Sonia
245 yes McGuire Colleen
153 yes Darroh Richard
755 yes Hirsch Mary      
792 yes Kistner Carrie
731 yes Cox Amy
425 yes Reilly Joseph
511A yes Reilly Charlotte
511B yes Reilly Jesse Nolan

TERA #        2019 Member        Last Name        First Name