Tommy Robichaux


I literally stumbled into the realm of endurance photography when I took my camera to the 2009 New Year's in New Mexico ride and started taking pictures.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Since then, it has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as ride photographer for most of the TERA rides.  In that time, I have become acquainted with nearly every TERA member and have formed warm friendships with a great many, and I have come to love this sport as much as those of you who ride do.  This is an amazing group of people:  we come from all walks of life, from many socioeconomic backgrounds and professions, with a wide diversity of ages and riding experiences; yet we are untied with the love of our horses, placing their welfare above our own, and the spirit of healthy and enjoyable competition.  It is an honor to serve as Secretary of the TERA Board and contribute whatever talents I may have to growing this sport and ensuring its future success.

Russell Betts
6101 FM 1374
New Waverly, TX 77358

My name is Russell Betts.  I came to riding in my mid 30's in England, where I did dressage, show jumping and fox hunting. I got bored one weekend when I had been sent to Houston on assignment for work, and wound up at Cypress Trails.
There, I met Darolyn, and first learned about the wild and wonderful sport of Endurance riding. Until I rode at Cypress Trails, I thought riding for more than a few
hours sounded crazy.
Needless to say, after one weekend I was hooked, and through the sport I met my wonderful wife Debbie. We have both had many many great times at all the rides in Texas together.
I would now like to give something back to the sport I enjoy so much by standing for the post of Treasurer for TERA.
As for qualifications, in my day job I run large IT projects, handling the budgets for them, Which should allow me to keep the accounts for TERA, which Robin Howse has carefully managed for the past couple of years, in great order.


Russell Betts

Membership Director

Trina Church-Moya


My interest in horses began in childhood, but I had to wait until age 32 to actually own my first horse. That was half a life ago, and we’ve had horses ever since. The early years were spent learning to ride hunters, then dressage, foxhunting, and horse camping in a tent, pulling a tiny-two horse behind a Jeep Cherokee. We bought a small horse property in Dripping Springs in 1993. During the next years, my husband David and I were Pony Club parents, and spent most of our horse time with our two daughters— trail riding, clinics, lessons, PC rallies, horse shows, foxhunts, and a PC summer camp. I became interested in endurance after meeting Tommy and others at Pedernales State Park. I attended my first ride in 2009 when my current horse Ladybug was just six.<br>My day job is at UT, where I have served in various capacities in the communications field as a web designer/developer, print designer, photographer, and writer. My goal for TERA and the newsletter is to keep everyone excited and abreast of TERA news, as well as use it as a platform to educate members in horsemanship, and technical skills needed to camp, drive and maintain your rig, and handle the emergencies that come up in your travels.

John Nowell

T.E.R.A. Secretary

From Silver City New Mexico, graduated High School in El Paso Texas. 1975 Graduate of Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine, 7 years practice in Zoo and Exotic Animal practice, 12 years in Small Animal Emergency, 7 years in Equine Practice. 
43 years as a Veterinarian and loving every minute of it. 

Retired 6/2017, 16 years experience training horses, 8 years as an endurance rider riding Kentucky Mountan Horses. 
Married to Vicky for 25 years. Lives in Magnolia, Texas

Bob Rogers

​Jen Masters
I started riding when I was a toddler. Horses have always been my passion. I grew up showing and even showed professionally after I graduated from Texas A&M.
The politics of showing turned me off and I began looking for other ways to enjoy my horses. I found competitive trail and soon after discovered endurance. It was love at first ride. I did my first LD in jeans and a western saddle on a big stock bred
paint horse. Now, 10 years later, I will earn the coveted Decade Team award with my Arabian, Jose Baske when we complete our next 50. I enjoy riding with my son,
Jack. I am happy to have the opportunity to serve as your VP and give back to TERA.

My interest in endurance riding began with a chance meeting and friendship with some endurance riders that I met at a local park in the Austin area. It was 2007, and I was just learning to ride my quarter horse, Scarlett, who I had owned when she was born on my property. I had rescued her sire and dam years earlier. My first ride in 2009 at 7IL was life-changing for me. Although I was 60 and had done other great sports over the years, endurance riding became my passion. I have been fortunate to attend rides in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and Colorado. I now own and compete on two Arabians (Cash and Uptown Spring Break), as well as Scarlett, now 20.
My wife, Nancy and I have four children and three grandchildren. My day job is in construction as a general contractor, specializing in carpentry. I’m also passionate about food— especially enjoy grilling, so I’ll try to keep you guys well fed! Goals for TERA include passing on my love of the sport to new riders, supporting our ride managers, and promoting both excellent sportsmanship and horsemanship. I want to grow our ridership, our membership, as well as support the Education and Membership Directors in our club’s outreach and educational efforts.
To finish is to win!

Newsletter Editor

Carol Grosvenor


From the age of four, I have had a deep and abiding passion for the horse. I grew up attending playdays and trail riding with friends. No one in my family rode, so I was a barn rat at the old Retama facility in Selma, Texas, and they allowed me to learn from them. In my later years, I took up some arena jumping and, more, recently, played a bit of polo. Fortunately, I discovered the sport of endurance several years ago, and that’s when I knew I had found my niche (read: total and utter addiction to the sport).

Endurance has allowed me to continue pursuing what I love to do best-ride with other crazy endurance friends, take in a variety of scenic trails, expand my knowledge of all things endurance and camp out under the stars. Although I am a relative newcomer to the discipline, my desire is to contribute to the sport in a meaningful way and ultimately continue the tradition of promoting overall awareness to increase membership and participation. I feel I could best be of service by spreading the word as far and wide as possible. I think this is a natural extension of my excitement, as I am prone to burst into conversations about endurance at any given moment already.

As to qualifications, I hold a BBA and an MBA in Management, and possess decades of sales and sales management experience, which might lend itself to the marketing, advertising and promotional components that are so vital to attracting and retaining new members to local rides, TERA and AERC. I love meeting new people and sharing with them what has been passed down to me by our veteran riders, veterinarians, ride managers, volunteers and everyone involved in putting on a ride.

My focus as Membership Director would be to spread the word via Endurance 101 type clinics as Jamie did, collaborating with Kerry and Carol on the TERA newsletter, reaching out to other clubs and promoting TERA events as crossover training and riding options, facilitating educational events to pair “green beans” with a variety of current ride participants and carrying on the new rider outreach efforts as Caryne does. I would also like to promote awareness among prospective and newer riders/members about TERA and AERC programs and awards, local mentoring options and the existing nationwide Green Bean program-I find many new riders may not know about all the wonderful resources available to them.

All in all, the more we can collaborate with non-endurance riders in our

Education Director   

Dr Bob Rogers


Publicity and Awards Director
Khristin Seymore-Norsworthy
PO Box 559 Daingerfield,
Texas 75638
Cell# 903-563-6639
Vonita Bowers introduced me to the sport of endurance. I was known for bringing my black and white quarter horse mare to rides and riding her bareback in camp all
day while my dad (Dennis Seymore) worked the rides. Vonita would sometimes take me out for short rides the day after.  When I turned 10 years of age Fire Pony (1/2
arabian and 1/2 welsh pony) came in to my life; it was then when I starting riding LD and competing.  I have since then ridden 25s, 50s, 75s, 100s, ridden once internationally for the FEI Young Riders in Italy, volunteered at many rides, and recently managed my first endurance ride. Endurance riding as you can see has become a part of my life. I enjoy the many friendships acquired and the places all
over the world it has taken me.

Ride Manager Director
​​Valerie Bixler
3598 CR 406
McKinney, TX 75071
I am one of those "horse crazy girls" that never outgrew her interest in horses, much to my parents' dismay.   And the Arabian breed was always my favorite.  I even barrel raced and competed in 4H and Texas Junior Horse Show Association shows on my first Arab when I was in high school and was quite the oddity among all the quarter horse folks.  After 22 years without having horses, I graduated from
TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and  was introduced to the sport of endurance by vetting the Bluebonnet in 1999. I was hooked.  I knew that I had
finally found "my sport" and in doing so, had also found my chosen "family".  
Endurance has been my passion ever since.  As you all know, no events get scheduled without first consulting the Ride Calendar.   Where else can you spend your weekend with the nicest and most interesting group of people who all share a love of the most beautiful animal created, all while riding trails that most people will never see, let alone even know exist ?  Heaven.  I am expanding my experience
with the sport this year by serving on the TERA board ( thanks to all of you) and by managing my first ride, Old Glory.